Picture of the Month

Photo of the Month

That's Haven, one of the Sunset chapter's junior members. Hat's off to all those junior Alky Angels members!

Members, please submit monthly photos to the Alky Angels Webmaster at webmaster-at-alkyangels-dot-com.


Welcome to the new site!!! On 2/2/2013 the new Alky Angels Motorcycle Riders Association International website went live.

Any comments, concerns, edits, corrections, submissions, or complaints should be emailed to Dax at webmaster at alkyangels.org

We hope you like the new site!

Alky Angels Motorcycle Riders Association International

Welcome to the Alky Angels Motorcycle Riders Association International website.

The Alky Angels are a group of motorcycle enthusiasts riding clean and sober and helping others do the same. We are a non-profit organization. We claim no territory and have no clubhouse. We are not a motorcycle club but a motorcycle riders association. We are primarily of the correspondence nature and most communication happens through our monthly members-only newsletter.  

Some of us have created chapters and most chapters have annual events. Here you'll find general information about the association, it's chapters, and it's members.  We hope you like what we have to offer and if you are a motorcycle rider looking for a clean and sober group to ride with, we hope you'll consider the Alky Angels. More information on how to become an Alky Angel is located on the About page.